Understanding the Difference Cannabis Concentrates

Understanding the Difference Cannabis Concentrates

Cannabis concentrates are the latest craze in canna culture. While they’re not for all medical users, they provide excellent benefits. Pain patients can reduce how much they smoke and get relief longer with oils, waxes, and other concentrates. 

What are Cannabis Concentrates?

As the name suggests, concentrates are highly potent forms of processed cannabis flowers that deliver a near pure cannabinoid. The most popular are THC-based, but CBD options are growing quickly. Some people only identify waxes and oils. 

But any product that’s not unprocessed flower is a concentrated form of cannabis. For example, capsules and vaping are both extracts. Hash is also on the list. The closest concentrate to buds, even before hash, is kief. 

Solvent-Based Marijuana Concentrates

As the name suggests, these are processed in large quantities using ethanol, butane, or CO2. The most common are C02 oil, shatter, and live resin.

CO2 cannabis oils are available in tinctures, capsules, and vape cartridges. You can also purchase solid forms of THC oil, which is more typically referred to as dabs. The oils aren’t smoked. Instead, they’re either taken sublingually, orally or vaporized.  Vaping oil is an excellent way to get near-instant relief without harming your lungs with smoke. 

Shatter is also very popular for its smooth appearance. It’s also one of the purest forms of THC. New users should start with something less potent, such as vape oils or live resin before moving up to hatter.

Live resin is also at the top of many lists. It uses frozen plant material to preserve the cannabinoids and has a glossy appearance, like shatter.

Solventless Cannabis Concentrates

Some patients prefer a solventless option because there are zero chances of residual solvents tainting the product. Although it’s essential to mention all products go through extensive third-party testing to verify each batch has safe levels, which are trace amounts. 

The solventless concentrates include budder, rosin, old-school hash, and kief. 

Budder also referred to as cake batter for its similar consistency, uses different heating techniques to form a powerful concentrate without solvents.

Rosin is made using heat and pressure. The result is a squishy flower that’s excellent for dabbing, vaping, and making moon rocks.

The old-school, solventless hash process has been around for centuries. It is still prevalent in some Indian and Middle Eastern countries. It’s a little harsher than the solvent-based concentrates, but many consider it a delicacy. 

Kief is also popular, with stores selling it by the gram to add to your joint, blunt, or bowl pack. In addition, you can vape it on top of your flower. Kief is the concentration of terpenes and cannabinoids that coat the cannabis flowers. It’s gathered during the trimming process and also from the bottom of storage containers where it collects easily.

Talk to your cannabis doctor about treating your condition with concentrates. It can reduce or eliminate smoking, which is always bad for your health, and reduce pain for a longer duration. Although these are more expensive, it’s important to understand a little goes a long way.

Feel and perform your best every day. Physician developed with a step-by-step usage guide.

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