What is RSO, and Why do I keep Hearing About it?

What is RSO, and Why do I keep Hearing About it?

RSO is an acronym for Rick Simpson’s Oil and named after the Canadian cancer survivor. Mr. Simpson claims the 90% THC serum “produced from strong, sedative indica strains” helped him beat skin cancer. While several reports indicate the thick, medical marijuana concentrate may fight cancerous cells, no clinical trials exist. 

Here’s what we know about RSO. 


There are two terms you may hear when researching Rick Simpson Oil. The second is FECO, or full extract cannabis oil. These are both potent concentrations of cannabinoids with one significant difference. 

RSO burns at a much higher rate than FECO, destroying most compounds except for a few terpenes and the THC. It also uses alcohol or another solvent. FECO uses much lower temperatures and ethanol or CO2 that preserves the full-spectrum of compounds in the plant. 

Potential Benefits of RSO

RSO has all the benefits of medical marijuana. It can help cancer patients manage pain associated with their tumors and treatments, such as chemotherapy and radiation therapy. In fact, many oncologists prefer patients use plant-based medications to reduce symptoms associated with current therapies. High opioid use is connected to many negative responses, including diminished capacity, constipation, dependence, and overdose. 

Research is ongoing to see if cannabinoids can slow the growth and even kill cancer cells. However, these studies are in their infancy and will take years to develop properly. In the meantime, traditional treatments in-conjunction with medical marijuana to reduce symptoms are the best option and have excellent results for many cancer types. 

How to Make Your Own RSO

Yes, you may have seen medical marijuana dispensaries selling RSO with a similar THC percentage. However, Mr. Simpson doesn’t license or sell the oil. Instead, the recipe free for anyone to use. It’s essential to note home Production of RSO is illegal in many states. Additionally, the chemicals involved in the process are dangerous and should only be used by professionals. You can also find FECO formulas at your local dispensary. 

For more information, visit Rick Simpson’s website, Phoenix Tears.

Tips for Using RSO

Rick Simpson Oil, whether homemade or store-bought, is potent. Like all products, you should start low and go slow with RSO. This dosing schedule is even more critical with RSO because it is so powerful. If you apply it topically, you won’t experience any extended adverse reactions, such as anxiety and paranoia from too much THC.

RSO is a thick formula and isn’t for vaping or smoking. Also, the alcohol used to extract the oil is flammable and shouldn’t be near a flame or heat source. Patients typically apply it to the skin, use it as a tincture under the tongue, or mix it with food or a drink.

RSO or FECO may provide benefits that help with the pain and other side effects of cancer treatment. Always speak to your medical marijuana practitioner and oncology team before adding this strong plant extract to your daily routine. 

Feel and perform your best every day. Physician developed with a step-by-step usage guide.

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