Our Top 5 Daily CBD Routines

CBD has the potential to improve many aspects of your life. Many people have turned to CBD to help them with various ailments, improve productivity, improve focus, and much more. With a daily CBD routine, you can maximize the benefits of CBD. Take a look at our top five daily CBD routines.

1. Wake up with CBD Capsules or Tinctures

A lot of people turn to coffee to wake them up in the morning, but did you know that CBD can help jumpstart your day too? Adding a serving of CBD to your morning routine can make a drastic difference. You can incorporate CBD into your morning routine by taking it as a capsule or adding CBD tinctures to your morning beverage. 


2. Get Ready to Exercise with Oral CBD

Taking CBD before and/or after your workout can help improve the benefits of your workout. CBD can help with reducing pain and inflammation, which can lead to a speedier recovery. Since oral CBD can take up to two hours to reach the bloodstream, some fitness enthusiasts suggest taking oral CBD before you exercise. Doing so will help you enjoy the benefits of CBD shortly after you’ve completed your workout. 


3. Get Ready for Bed with CBD Tincture 

Sleep experts suggest a “wind-down” period before you hop into bed and try to sleep. This wind-down period prepares your body to relax and sleep. During your wind-down period when you’re getting ready for bed, you can incorporate CBD tincture into your nightly routine. Many people use CBD to help them sleep at night. Using CBD tincture 30 to 60 minutes before bed can help you improve your quality of sleep. 


4. Moisturize Your Hands with CBD Body Lotions

If your hands have been feeling the effects of constant sanitizing and washing, you can keep them moisturized by using a daily CBD-infused hand lotion or butter. There are plenty of CBD-infused hand lotions on the market you can buy, but you can also make your right at home. With hundreds of recipes you can try, you’re sure to create a lotion that works best for your skin. 


5. Take Care of Your Skin with CBD Creams

Your entire body can use some TLC. Luckily, CBD-infused skin products can help. With CBD found in so many different skincare products, you can find one that works best for you. Using CBD-infused skincare products can help restore your skin’s vibrance, reduce the appearance of discoloration, smooth your skin, and much more. 


Let’s Create a Routine

Want help creating a daily CBD routine? Cannaleaf Health can help. Olga Bennett is a board-certified nurse practitioner with over 20 years of experience in healthcare. She can work with you to create a daily CBD routine that benefits your mind, body, and spirit. 


Contact us today to learn more. 

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